Who cares about you and your business?

Not the customer, that’s for sure

We might have spent months or even years developing our new business to exacting plans so everything is just how we want it. Our processes are all in place, we’ve got great marketing material, including a website we like (finally) and a social media plan that should appeal to our customers. Now … where are they?

Why aren’t they breaking down our door to buy our products and services?

Because they don’t care about us … not really. That sounds a little harsh but the truth is they care about themselves. Yes, they want us to do a good job for them but, in the end, it’s about their business, not ours. The customer wants their needs filled and if we aren’t doing that then they’re not our customer.

If we’re not identifying the needs of our customers and making it easy for them to see this, then we’re not truly looking after their best interests.

Questions we should be asking ourselves:

  • What problems do our customers face?
  • Do we offer the best solution?
  • Does the customer know that?
  • Do we speak their language?
  • Are we communicating with our customers through the best channels?

These are just a few for starters.

Let’s take a quick look at our website. Did we build it with the customer in mind or rather our own dreams and goals? Does it identify the problem the customer faces, then guide them through the purchase process or ‘call to action’?

This doesn’t always mean they have to pull out their credit card and buy something from us … at least not immediately. We may want them to sign up to our email list so we can promote our other products and services to them. We may want them to call us for more information or to book an appointment to talk further. In a way, these are all purchases.

The first thing we have to do is gain the customers’ trust by showing them we understand their issues. Without that trust, they won’t buy anything from us and then where will we be?